Nature Strategy Ⅰ
Get lost in nature — head off into the countryside without a map and explore.
Nature Strategy Ⅱ
Ask for a meeting in a green space, park or woodland.
Nature Strategy Ⅲ
Climb a tree and write your to do list (carefully).
Nature Strategy Ⅳ
Build a campfire and invite some colleagues or friends to come along and discuss their ambitions.
Nature Strategy Ⅴ
Walk up a hill or mountain, get up high and with that new perspective think about the year ahead.
Nature Strategy Ⅵ
Feel the ground beneath your feet - take off your shoes and walk barefoot in nature.
Nature Strategy Ⅶ
Listen - head into the countryside and be still. Listen to the natural world.


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Wild Rumpus CIC is a social enterprise producing large-scale outdoor arts events, most often in wild natural landscapes. We believe that when families engage together…

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