About us

Wild Rumpus produce extraordinary worlds, most often in wild natural landscapes, and invite families to step inside and help to create incredible stories and moments of wonder. Alongside producing large-scale events, we’re working with performers, producers and programmers to shape a cultural environment where excellent outdoor work for families thrives.

Wild Rumpus produce the award-winning Just So Festival, a boutique, weekend-long festival of creativity aimed at children, young people and their families.

Wild Rumpus also manage the Northern Festivals Network. We are a consortium of festivals in the north of England committed to increasing the amount of high quality arts touring for families at Greenfield festivals.

Click here to find out about our other projects, including The Lost Carnival, Wild Rumpus Press & Just So Brazil.

Wild Rumpus is based at the Whirligig, a 4 acre woodland at Rode Hall in Cheshire. The Whirligig Forge is a place for volunteers and emerging creatives to come together and develop new skills, undertake training, showcase work, find mentors and become established in the outdoor arts sector.

Past projects include  The Spellbound Forest, in partnership with the Forestry Commission, where twisting paths through Delamere Forest tell the twisting tales of English Fairy Tales through theatrical performance, music, visual art and dance and Nutcrack Night,  a large-scale outdoor family evening of theatrical performance, wild dancing, light spectaculars and masked mayhem.


As a not-for-profit community interest company, all of our profit goes back into our arts programmes. Our programmes have been developed to support emerging artists, create pioneering schemes for our volunteers, and host creative adventures for marvellous families of all shapes and sizes.

It means we can pay a fair wage to performers, host training sessions in our woodland site, and invest in making our site more accessible for those who identify as Deaf or disabled, to name just a few.

You can therefore be assured that the money from the donation opportunity, available on our booking page, gets fed straight back into the brilliant volunteer waiting to greet you, the outstanding performers we are currently booking and the community we work within.

Thankyou for your generosity.

Our other marvellous supporters include:

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