Our Team

You can contact the individual members of our gorgeous team here:

General Enquiries hello@wildrumpus.org.uk

Anaïs Biaux, Programme Manager anais.biaux@wildrumpus.org.uk

Olivia Kehoe, Marketing and Communications Officer olivia.kehoe@wildrumpus.org.uk

Liz Pickering, Production Manager liz.pickering@wildrumpus.org.uk

Callum Hogg, Production & Access Manager callum.hogg@wildrumpus.org.uk

Katie Aldous, Talent & Development Manager katie.aldous@wildrumpus.org.uk

Visual Design Team (Matt Collins, Tom Fenwick & Louis Malpass) design@wildrumpus.org.uk

Sarah Bird, Director sarah.bird@wildrumpus.org.uk

Rowan Hoban, Director rowan.hoban@wildrumpus.org.uk