A day as a Welcome Team Volunteer


Time flew by so fast, and it is already the first day of Just So!

During the week prior to the festival you have been busy preparing the most surprising festival site around, and having loads of training about your role, the programme and everything Just So, while getting to know other volunteers and having good fun.

As a Customer Service and Information Volunteer  you will be the smiley faces giving high fives and greeting our audiences when they arrive into the site ! You will also be the calm faces available to support them with any queries they might have, and be the kings and queens of information, pointing the audiences in every which direction that they need to be pointed.

There are so many new things you will learn about the a-z of being and working on a festival and will have the chance to meet a huge range of people too!

You will also be selling merchandise at the tent, dealing with lost property and making sure the phone charging station is organised.

Before the festival you will have loads of training, on how to deal with audience queries to how to use a radio, who to go to when you don’t know the answer to how everything works on site.

In addition you will have a hand in setting up your Information Tent with logistical items and furniture. Expect to be moving furniture and getting to know the area you will be based in. You might even be involved in a bit of bunting or helping to give a lick of paint in set up.

During the festival you will be working in a rota with other volunteers, which means you will have free time to enjoy the festival – so have a look at the programme  and see if there is something you really don’t want to miss!

One of the most exciting moments of Just So is when all the festival gets together for the tribal tournament. As part of the Info team you can chose the tribe you prefer: fishes, frogs, lions, owls, foxes, stags and bees. But choose wisely! Over the weekend you will receive points for your tribe so don’t forget your costume!