A day as an Artist Liaison Volunteer

Just So-2


You are an Artist Liaison, and that means you will be located in a glade at Just So Festival! The festival site is split into spaces called glades, where amazing performances, workshops and activities take place.

As part of the Artist Liaison team it is your job to help all performance run smoothly, welcoming performers onto site, getting them settled into their performance area with their props and answering queries as they come up. The performances go so well on account of the wonderful Artist Liaison team and this is a real chance to flex your artist liaison muscles! You will ownership over your glade, from where props are kept, to a bit of audience management, including dealing with queries from both artists and audiences. There isn’t anything you won’t know about your area!

Before the festival you will have heaps of training, from hot to use a radio to what to do with programme changes, how to greet and settle audiences to how to manage audiences, how to accommodate audiences with access requirements to what to do with a technical problem. You will become a beacon of festival knowledge, with healthy dose of Wild Rumpus!

In addition you will have a hand in setting up your area with visual design and props. Expect to be moving furniture, moving props and getting to know your area. You might even be involved in a bit of bunting making for your glade!

Volunteering as an Artist Liaison is the opportunity to get comprehensive training, know different artistic people, and learn a lot about festival management.

One of the most exciting moments of Just So is when all the festival gets together for the tribal tournament. As part of the Artist Liaison team you can either chose the tribe you prefer: fishes, frogs, lions, owls, foxes, stags and bees, or you will have a specific one if a tribe is based in your area. Over the weekend you will receive points for your tribe, so don’t forget your costume! We will then march to the stage in celebration of a marvellous weekend and a well done.