A Day at the Lake

In April 2016, we produced A Day At The Lake, an ambitious, large-scale outdoor experience. For one weekend only, Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire was reimagined as it was in the late 1800s as an excursion place for thousands of day trippers.

A series of spectaculars took place on a floating stage on the lake, alongside the incredible recreation of Carlos Trower, “The African Blondin’s” daring tightrope walk by Chris Bull, high-wire walker otherwise known as ‘Bullzini’ of the Bullzini Family. Chris drank tea, did headstands, and renewed his wedding vows from the top of the high wire.

Accompanying events on the shore included mesmerising mermaids, circus performance, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Gabby Young and other Animals, and many more. Audiences enjoyed a reimagined day at the lake on rowing boats, walks and steam trains while enjoying world class outdoor arts.

A Day At The Lake was the first event of this scale at Rudyard Lake for over 100 years and marked the first Staffordshire Day on 1 May 2016 – a day of celebration of the heritage of Staffordshire to mark 1000 years since the county was established.

Michael Symonns Roberts (winner of the Forward Prize, Costa Poetry Prize and Whitbread Poetry Award) was to write a new poem inspired by events at The Lake to mark the occasion, and a beautiful wood carving of the tightrope walker was unveiled.