Adventures in Lepidoptera

We had the very best start to our day today. We’re deep in planning for the construction of… wait for it… the world’s biggest moth trap for Timber Festival! You can read about the trap here

We’ve been working with our new friend Adrian Russell, the Leicestershire Moth Recorder, who has been advising on the design of the trap, and last night he brought some traps to the whirligig, to see what moths we had in our woods. And what treasures we found.

We’re all becoming a little bit obsessed with moths along the way, and who can blame us, with their most poetic of names. Last night’s nocturnal visitors included:

Chocolate Tip, Alder Kitten, Shuttle Shaped Dart, V Pug, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Orange Footman, White Ermine, Flame Shoulder, Flame Carpet, Poplar Hawk Moth and Pale Prominent. 

It was hard to resist the flamboyant charms of the gregarious Poplar Hawk Moth, who gamely crawled from hand to hand, but I fell hard for the White Ermine. Too beautiful for words. And here they are…