An average (!) day at Just So

Spot the deliberate mistake, there is no such thing as an average day at Just So. But here’s a bit of an idea of what you might be doing.

During Get In 

If you’re coming for get in and festival, we’ll be asking you to arrive by 2pm on Monday and to pitch up and get yourself settled in time for a 5pm briefing and site walk. During get in there won’t be rotas in place, as we’ll all be working the same hours, and jobs and training will be allocated each morning.

Morning: We’ll be starting at 9, after a lovely breakfast and a brew in the crew catering tent. As well as meals, this tent is open all day for you to drop in for a cuppa and a biscuit. There will be a meeting, briefing and job allocation at 9, and you’ll split into your different teams for morning training and jobs.

Training and preparation will include things like:

  • Everyone taking part in health and safety training, emergency procedures and child protection.
  • Glade teams meeting and going through the programme for their glade
  • Creative team taking part in workshop delivery training
  • Design teams learning safe installation practices
  • Accessibility training
  • Artist liaison training
  • Family audience training for everyone.

Jobs will include things like:

  • Preparing glades with all the equipment, tables and chairs that they’ll need
  • Rigging and installing visual design elements
  • Marking out car parks and camping areas.
  • Laying out fire points
  • Preparing the information tent, merchandise tent and wristband exchange areas
  • Welcoming contractors, performers and others onto site
  • Putting up smaller tents (e.g. bell tents) and decorating them
  • Laying wood chip paths and moving hay bales for seating.
  • Hanging bunting, then hanging some more bunting (2km in 2013!)

We’ll break for a nice hot lunch, then back in the afternoon for more of the same. Earlier in the week, we’ll wrap things up at around 6 for dinner. As we get further into the week, the festival approaches, and we all get a bit more manic, we’re likely to crack on with a couple more hours work after dinner.

In the evenings, we’ll be laying on some lovely sociable things, from campfires to bingo to trialling some of the workshops that the creative team have been working on.

During the festival 

The festival is live from Friday 19th at noon (when campers are allowed to arrive and start to park and pitch up). The gates to the festival open at 2pm. The performance elements of the festival end at around midnight on Sunday 21st of August, and campers are asked to leave site by 11am on the Monday morning.

Festival days are much longer and more varied than during get in and get out. Depending on your team and role, you’ll either be given a rota or asked to manage your own time within your team (glade teams in particular), to make sure that you work reasonable hours, have a chance to take meal breaks and, of course, get a chance to see a bit more of the festival. Check out the different team roles to find out the kind of thing you’ll be doing.

The festival as a whole is a show, and we are all to some extent performers. Even if you aren’t in a role dealing directly with the audience, enthusiasm and excitement is infectious, and good spirits and smiling faces amongst all the volunteers spills out and affects the whole of the festival.

During Get Out 

Phew. We’ll all give a big sigh of relief, have a little bit of a lie in, wave goodbye to the audience, and then get ready to crack on with get out.

On the Monday, we’ll meet after lunch for a briefing and afternoon jobs, and on the Tuesday meet at 9 after breakfast for a briefing and jobs. The transformation of the site from a full blown festival back to a peaceful, serene parkland really is something to behold, and with all hands on deck, we could all be kicking back with a cider by Tuesday afternoon. The kind of jobs during get out will include:

  • Neatly packing down and clearing areas
  • Moving furniture and visual design elements back to our on site storage
  • Tidy up, tidy up then tidy up some more
  • Moving hay bales, tables and chairs back to where they live
  • Sweeping barns and folding bunting.

We’re planning to have the site cleared by 4pm Tuesday 23rd of August, when you are welcome to pack your gear up, and hit the road, if you can extricate yourself from tearful hugs and thank you’s from exhilarated festival directors.

Then you can head home, have a bath, and start reading the gorgeous Facebook comments about the most marvellous festival anyone has ever been to, ever.