Catering Team

Supporting our on site catering team, you’ll be working with a wealth of professionals, including Justin Whitehead, top chef to Gordon Ramsay, getting experience in large scale catering for outdoor events.

This role will involve:

  • Supporting the head chefs in food preparation
  • Helping keep the kitchen and break room organised

Whilst no experience is needed in catering, it is welcomed. Mostly if you have an enthusiastic nature, and love pitching into a team, then this role will suit you well.

This is a great team to get to know our renowned caterer Justin Whitehead who has managed gastropubs for Gordan Ramsay and currently runs his own restaurant in Wimbledon.

Being on the catering team means that you will be rota’d on and off every five hours, leaving you lots of time to explore the festival. All of the training held for volunteers, will also be open to you.

All of our teams are on site from the 14th of August-22nd of August 2017, so please ensure that you can commit to these dates.

If you are really keen to volunteer, but can’t come for the whole week, please contact to discuss alternate plans.

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