Cathryn on the Northern Festivals Network

Here’s a brilliant blog that Cathryn wrote for Big Issue North this week about the Northern Festivals Network.

Over the past three years I have been leading a group of individuals in a new collaborative venture. Its strange to think that three years ago we were celebrating a successful funding bid, and swiftly afterwards sitting nervously around a conference table talking about how we were going to achieve the things we had talked about, written about and dreamt about. So much has been achieved in that time, but most importantly relationships have transformed.

The Northern Festivals Network grew out of a deep desire for greater sharing within the festival sector as well as a thirst for higher quality family arts.

Wouldn’t it be amazing, we thought, if those incredible live goose-bump moments that you only really find with the highest quality theatre, circus, dance or storytelling were found more often in the woods and fields of the UK’s music festivals.What if audiences weren’t hanging on to hear who the headliner was going to be, but dreaming about incredible adventures they would have, surprises they would find round corners, breathless moments they couldn’t have predicted?

Click here for the rest of her article over on Big Issue North.