Creative Programme Team: Art and Craft

We are looking for those with a love of all things crafty to help deliver and facilitate workshop activities over the festival weekend.

You’ll be doing anything from:

  • Showing families how to make crafts.
  • Replenishing Craft materials and keeping the area neat and tidy.
  • Managing audience numbers

In previous years the Craft workshop team have shown families how to make lanterns, a city of sail cloths, placards, pin badges and all other manner of craft galore.

All of our teams are on site from the 13th of August-21st of August 2018, so please ensure that you can commit to these dates. 

From the 13th-17th of August, days will be filled with building the event, from painting props, moving hay bales, to getting quizzed up the programme. In the evening there will be training sessions, a couple of fun socials and the chance to get to know the other volunteers.

ALL volunteers are required to work one shift on The Logistics Team.

If you are really keen to volunteer, but can’t come for the whole week, please contact to discuss alternate plans.

Please click here to apply!