Logistics Team

Offering on the ground hands-on experience at the festival you’ll be involved with a variety of almost anything:

  • Car parking
  • Ticketing
  • Wristband checking
  • Stewarding, including stewarding the eye-wateringly beautiful lantern parade and our finale- The Wild Rumpus

You’ll be working with our fantastic production team Wicked Events, offering a great experience of the logistical, hands-on, production side of a festival. Our production team manage a whole variety of large festivals from End of the Road to Wychwood so are great people to get to know.

Being on the Logistics team also means that you will be rota’d on and off every five hours, leaving you time to explore the festival.

Logistics volunteers come on site from the 15th of August and stay until the 20th of August. So please ensure you can commit to these dates.

Logistics volunteers aren’t required to be on site the same amount of time as the rest of the volunteers -though we would love for you to be! This is from the 13th of August-20th of August, if you’d like.

From the 13th-17th of August, days will be filled with building the event, from painting props, moving hay bales, to getting quizzed up the programme. In the evening there will be training sessions, a couple of fun socials and the chance to get to know the other volunteers.

If you are really keen to volunteer, but can’t come for the whole week, please contact volunteers@wildrumpus.org.uk to discuss alternate plans.

Please click here to apply!