New collaborative Children’s publisher is launched by Wild Rumpus


Wild Rumpus Press is a brand new children’s publisher from Wild Rumpus, the award-winning arts organisation who produce large scale immersive events for families including the critically acclaimed Just So Festival in Cheshire.

Launching in October 2015 with Two Parts Mischief, a story of a little lad named Stan who “has to know sad before he really knows joy” Wild Rumpus Press is a new, collaborative publisher with a fresh approach to producing traditional children’s books based on a belief that stories on a page are just beginnings; readers will get the chance to re-encounter (and delight in)  the characters and stories they meet and grow to love in the books,  through imaginative retellings across a variety of different genres and formats.

The publications can be enjoyed in top quality print and picture book format, but also enhanced, unlocked from the confines of the physical page and experienced through collaboration with other powerful storytelling mediums such as music, visuals and theatrical flourishes.

Two Parts Mischief is a beautiful picture book with words by Geoff Bird and illustration by Rowan Hoban. Stan is two parts mischief, and one part firework, until one day a cold wind comes along and everything changes. Can Stan find his way back into the sunshine?

A reading by the author with specially commissioned music from bass clarinet and harp duo ‘Folie a Deux Femmes’ is free with each purchase of the book.


“…The wind quietly asked him if it could come in,

Then before Stan could answer, it slipped through his skin.

The chill of the wind filled him all the way up,

Like milk from the fridge might fill up a cup.

Stan just sat still, like a little boy will,

When an odd thing like this thing

Comes over the hill….”


Wild Rumpus Press will work with authors and collaborators to produce the very best stories to the highest specifications, offering family readers beautiful and captivating experiences.

Directors Sarah Bird and Rowan Hoban say “Our goal is to publish lots of books – visual, engaging, inspirational, delightful books. We have over 30 years of experience in the book trade, 8 kids between us and real knowledge of what children want to read, in the evening, round about bedtime, in the half-light once the school day is done.

Running the ‘Just So Festival’ has taught us a huge amount about delivering enchantment and inspiration to a discerning public, and also about the importance of artistic collaboration for family audiences.

We’d like to transfer what we’ve learnt to this publishing venture to make it something with its own way of doing things and produce more memorable experiences for families.

The books will of course be objects of beauty, but while for many publishers that’s where the story ends, for us it’s just the beginning. The musical accompaniment for ‘Two Parts Mischief’ is only the first of many such collaborations and sets the bar wonderfully high for future projects to match.”


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