Reasons to volunteer for Wild Rumpus

We blooming love our volunteers, and there are a fair few benefits to becoming one.
  • Its ideal industry experience, whether you want to become a production manager or arts practioner, a set designer or technical assistant. Whats more, the more you talk to us, the more we can make sure you get what you want out of the experience. We will of course provide glowing references.
  • With this in mind, we offer a number of training weekends on our woodland office site. Would love to know how to do basic joinery, lead a craft workshop or train a group of rowdy children to become pirates? We have it covered.
  • Our volunteers tend to love being outdoors, meeting new marvellous people, and are passionate about bringing high quality arts to families. What brilliant people to become friends with.
  • Though one of the biggest benefits of all has to be knowing that without you we couldn’t create such a magical and spell-binding experience for our audience.
  • In turn you become a wonderful part of the fabric of Wild Rumpus across the events and its ever expanding family.
  • We’ll guarantee you’ll walk away more confident beings, brimming with pride and at least a couple of new friends or we’ll eat our well accessorised top hats.

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