Wild Rumpus CIC is a not for profit family arts organisation who aim to work in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way throughout  the organisation and across the events we produce. We have established a green action plan to try to manage and mitigate our environmental impact, looking particularly at:

–        Our own impact

–        The impact of our audience

We are working towards the BS 8901 for planning and managing sustainable events.

Rode Estate:

Just So Festival takes place on the parkland and woods of the Rode Hall Estate


At the Whirligig natural light is used where possible, also use of low wattage fairy lights, solar powered where possible

A network of biofuel generators supply the bulk of the festival site’s power

LED festoon used

Switching off – particularly generators at the festival off overnight where possible


Wild Rumpus:

Use public transport where practicable for meetings

Company bicycle kept at Kidsgrove train station for use by staff and visitors

Use SKYPE instead of travelling to meetings where possible


Encourage car sharing where possible – aware that majority of our audience are travelling in a full car already

All info about public transport to the festival is kept clear and up to date

Promote Go Car Share for volunteers arriving at the festival

Waste & Water:

Free wipes and nappies are biodegradeable

Recycle and reuse props and set design

Loan props and design elements out to local community schools and groups

Use biodegradable bin bags

Standpipes available on site, encourage audience to bring bottles with them


Local firms where possible for all contracts / suppliers

Prioritise suppliers who prove they are responsible

Organic traders encouraged and prioritised

Fair trade teas and coffee policy

Contractors vetted – supply lines questioned

Prioritise  FSC wood products in construction

Small / ethical firms used where possible

Reduced packaging options and biodegradeable options


Charge for programmes – making us more financial sustainability and discouraging people picking up multiple free copies and discarding them

Printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks (FSC logo)

Reduce amount of flyers printed – focus on digital marketing

CO2 emissions

Need to record base line data from which monitoring can be taken

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