The Vanishing Library








The Vanishing Library will soon come in to being! A new digital venture for Wild Rumpus which will offer event-goers new modes of engagement with beloved characters, both virtuous and villainous, and cherished storylines.

For those of you who have been to our events before, you know that we weave wonderful narratives and storytelling into each and every one. The Vanishing Library will soon open its intangible doors to Wild Rumpus aficionados and new comers to explore our ephemeral world, offering up new modes of communication and storytelling that broaden the fantastic fictions that inform our events.


Opening from September 2017, The Vanishing Library will become a digital extension of Wild Rumpus. Letters written to the Montague’s and the Bird’s will be archived and stored online for browsing. Have a quick chat online, with characters that you may have met at our other events. Other times there might be activities for avid library goers to complete which unlock secrets at an upcoming event!


The Vanishing Library is a place for new characters to be born, where memories are stored and adventures leap from the page (and screen!).

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