Woodland incubator forges forward

We’re over the moon that our new woodland incubator, the Forge, has received Arts Council Grants for the Arts funding.

The Whirligig Forge will develop as a place for volunteers and creative types to come together and develop new skills, undertake training, showcase work, find mentors and become established in the outdoor arts sector.

In addition to hosting volunteer training and development days we will establish a space for 4-6 young creatives to work for up to 4 months in the Forge Residency, supporting them with funding advice, networking opportunities and developing work for the Just So Festival 2015 or one of our other projects. For more information about the Forge Residency and to apply to take part: click here.

Additionally we will research the benefits to creative practice of working in a rural natural environment.

The core goals for the Forge are:

  • Support: To facilitate excellent, groundbreaking and unexpected work that family audiences can engage with in an outdoor environment.
  • Engage: To engage a wide and varied audience in the work that is being created at the Forge.
  • Sustain: To be sustainable, well managed and well known to continue growth of the sector.